About Strange

About Strange

Strange is Perth’s newest Arts festival, celebrating the misfits and misunderstood, while encouraging an exploration of the City’s most unique and unused spaces. Strange takes place over ten days in June (17th -26th), culminating in the ceremonious burning of “Cor Novis – The Feast” – a large-scale sculpture collaboration with artist Hana Priest, in Forrest Place on Sunday 26 June.

STRANGE is an invitation to spark your curiosity into the weird and wonderful, with over 20 spaces throughout Perth City hosting over 35 artists from around Australia to showcase visual, aural, experiential, paintings, sculpture, projections, video and performance art.

Strange provides an opportunity to explore forgotten places of Perth through unique and wildly strange experiences; sharing and celebrating the unusual aspects of human existence. From the paranormal to the religious, the contemporary to the historical, Strange will have you looking at things…….differently.

All installations are free to experience, as guests wander previously vacant spaces throughout Perth’s laneways, malls and shopping precinct. These creative works and installations weave Strange throughout Central Perth, encouraging patrons to explore and uncover strangely different corners of a city you think you already know. 

Strange venues and spaces will be found throughout the Perth CBD, with program details available here.

In addition to the 20+ visual installation spaces, Strange will play host to a dedicated performance space in Moana Hall, with new and wonderfully weird artists each evening. Including a comedy night and Dungeons & Dragons one shot night.

With no limitations on artist content, expect things to get very very Strange.