COR NOVIS - The Feast

Cor Novis


COR NOVIS is the heart of Strange which will be found at Forrest Chase. Each year we will be burning an installation that is purpose built to be set alight on the last night of Strange.

The Feast” is a collaborative design between Hana and the directors of Strange Festival. It aims to shift our perception of that which we fear, as well as introducing an exciting new spectacle to the city centre.


Aranea, a kind and compassionate creature of the night, has come to capture the suffering of the city, as we journey through the long dark of winter. She has spun her web to free us. Tangled within her threads are the bones of the darkness we feel; fear, grief, anxiety, doubt, stress, anger, loss, sadness… all the darkness we seek to let go.

As we journey through the longest night of winter, we invite the coming light of summer days with a ritual burning. Aranea gifts us her web to set ablaze.

The culmination of this art installation is a beautiful and exciting public performance and burn event. Aranea’s web will burn, banishing the darkness and welcoming the light.

Friday 17th to Sunday 26th June 2022 

Sunset, Sunday 26th June 2022

Cor Novis, Forrest Place, Perth