Synapse is an approximately 20m long, walk-through, educational, interactive anatomy art installation composed of an eyeball attached to an optic nerve tunnel that leads into a giant inflatable brain. It features lighting, video projection effects and augmented reality projections to communicate to the audience how their own sight works and is designed to inspire people to learn about and see the beauty in their own bodies’ anatomy. It is intended to empower people to realise that they are capable of learning subjects like anatomy that are often perceived as difficult (but are often just poorly taught). Synapse includes Aboriginal language where installed to describe the anatomy and physiology of the visual system in the ‘mother tongue of the land’ to show respect and recognition for culture. Boorloo (Perth) is the land of the Whadjuk people. The language descriptions for Whadjuk Boodjar was provided by Whadjuk and Ballardong Nyungar Elder Auntie Marie Taylor with cultural engagement support by Dr Barbara Hostalek, an Aboriginal (Yawuru and Gija cultural connections) artist (playwright, poet) and veterinarian

About the Artist

Dr Minia Coiacetto is an emerging artist, veterinarian and academic who has specialised in pathology (the study of disease). Minia strongly believes in the importance of making science more accessible to all people through art and that this is an important way forward for creating more empowered communities. She works as a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University and has a strong passion for teaching. For Minia, the complexity of our own cells and anatomy is one of the most captivatingly beautiful things that exists. Minia wishes to share this with her audience, along with showing them how incredibly capable they are of learning, when given the opportunity to learn through experience. 


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Strange takes place on whadjuk noongar boodjar we honour and respect the traditional custodians of country sovereignty was never ceded always was always will be