Kyloring is the Noongar Indigenous name for the Western Ground Parrot, Australia’s most critically-endangered bird. Fewer than 150 individuals remain in the wild.

Installation Artist (and zoo volunteer) Lima Brightlove found an antique engraving from 1884 of this rare parrot, and re-imagined it as a three-metre, vibrantly-translucent, piece of faux-stained glass using reclaimed soft plastics. Orange viewing masks simulate the 2015 bushfire which pushed the species to the very brink of extinction.

Materials used include office stationery, cupcake trays, medical face shields, and a bistro blind salvaged from a neighbour’s verge.

Kyloring is both a public emboldening to re-visit one’s relationship to discarded items, and a warm invitation to spend some time with a bird so rare that we may never have the opportunity to meet one in person. You are invited to literally see conservation differently.

Created by

Created by

Lima Brightlove

Trustworthy, streetwise, brave and beautiful; Lima Brightlove’s fearless approach to immersive installation art keeps her in high demand as a creative of significance.

Wearing her Inner Child firmly on the outer, she builds intriguing, playful and often educational experiences from re-purposed materials, captivatingly set in unusual locations.
Her favourite moments are when people do a double-take (“Is that a … LAUNDRY HAMPER?!”), and hopes to inspire others to re-imagine their relationship with household items.

In 2023, her first immersive installation Slow Rainbow (an ambient, gentle, laser-lit lounge, featuring four secret rooms) was featured on TV, radio, newspapers plus viral influencers. For her second effort, she Art Directed all four venues within The Rechabite for Pride. Her third collab helped to produce Fantasia at Perth Town Hall, which won Best Venue at Fringeworld 2024.

Kyloring was built during her first Artist Residency, within the creative re-use studio/warehouse Remida WA (open to the public), and replicates stained glass using reclaimed soft plastics.

She loves projects which build trust and connectedness within communities.
Her curations are spaces where people feel like they can stay.
Lima’s traditional name translates to “Gentle Happiness”.

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