“We live two lives. The second one starts when we realise we only have one.”
Disasters and tragedies will always happen, and whilst catastrophic, if we look to the natural world around us, it shows that utter destruction is a catalyst for growth.

Nature shows us that no organism can exist alone, they need each other to survive and thrive – we need other hearts to help hold us together, hold space as we fall apart, to grow again.

We’ll grow through the shit a thousand times – we shed, we rot, and we will always Bloom

Created by

Created by

Hayley Walker

Hayley Walker is the Boorloo based artist behind Death & Delicacy, primarily working with all that falls under the umbrella of what people know as Taxidermy and all other aspects of Flora and Fauna, but also happily dabbles in a number of other mediums.

Hayley creates with a sense of curiosity and wonder – an appreciation and respect of the natural world around us, with a splash of whimsy and more than the occasional pun. If the limit is her imagination, the limit does not exist.

Hayley combines skills learnt from a background of Vet Nursing, Art Therapy, Support work, and a lived experience of Grief & Loss; creating thoughtful works or little treasures, facilitating workshops for people of all ages & abilities and provides Pet Death Doula/Grief support.

She has presented at Fringe Festival and Scitech After Dark amongst other events and wouldn’t say no to requests for an appearance at Birthdays, Weddings or Funerals.

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Strange takes place on whadjuk noongar boodjar we honour and respect the traditional custodians of country sovereignty was never ceded always was always will be